Funnies :: Bigger than yo' mama

For those who have ever used Corel Painter versions 6 or 7, you might have experienced this on a smaller scale. The media selections and features in this program are fantastic, but when something like this excels, it means that time and manpower have been directed away from something else to do it. That something else was the photoshop file encoding algorithm.

Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth was a 200 MB unflattened Photoshop file (KHsephy.psd) at 2'x3' and 200 dpi in its finished form....when saved with Photoshop. When this very file was opened and saved with Painter as a Photoshop file, it literally exploded. (click to enlarge)

I kid you not. This is an un-modified screenshot (save for cropping). This is the SAME file as the 200 MB KHsephy saved by Photoshop, only it was opened and re-saved with Painter before making ANY modifications.


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