Three new images up in the illustrations section - all of Asako Yurika, a new original character whose profile is in the original artworks section.

In other news, I'm now closed to any new commissions. I'm too far behind on the current ones to take any more. :X



A new section, "Funnies", has been created under the Bonus section. So far there are 3 pieces of random art-related humor.

All link sections have been updated. If you've emailed me about a link exchange and I haven't put it up yet, please remind me.



Woooh, look who's had no time (or motivation) to update her website! Well, now there's lots of backlogged update material, so I'll try to get those up whenever I get a free moment.

For now, I had to put up the new Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth piece, since I ran out of prints for this at Otakon 2003, and many were looking for it. You can now purchase this as well!



I am alive and happy!! (Translation: I finished finals yesterday.) There were some link exchange banners that should've gone up long ago, so I've reorganized and updated the link section with all the new banners.

There's also one new piece in the illustrations (?!) section; the (?!) being there because it's a 3-D piece, and illustrations imply 2-D. Well, I guess I'll change the title to 'artworks' or something when the next revamp comes around.



Wow, what a lag between updates. Can you tell school really kicked in? @_@ I've been far too busy to draw (save for that commission I really have to work on), so I've only updated the Art Banner Exchanges in the Links section.

...I have so much work to do. ;_;



2 new artworks up in the illustrations section!

Art Banner Exchanges and Link section updated. Please note the URL change/addition explained on the main page!



FINALS ARE DONE~~!! w00t~!!

The sales section is updated. If you have a Paypal account, you can now instantly buy prints! Take a look around!



Art Banner Exchanges updated.

Two new illustrations. I am open again to commissions, now that finals are almost over!



All out of stock prints are now back in stock, so if you weren't able to get one previously, you can get them now! :D See the print listings, and sales information!

Four new pieces in the illustrations section.

Art Banner Exchanges updated.



Kathy's ACK! is now a sister site to Dragon Blossom! :D She, in her goddessly sweetness, also made me a new button and banner. TT They're both up in the banners section for anyone to use! :D

Also updated Art Banner Exchanges , Other Favorite Links, and Profile. I'm now closed to commissions, as classes are in full swing and I currently have 3 in line on top of my busy schedule. @_@



Art Banner Exchanges updated. Two new wallpapers are up in the bonus section: one of "Icy Aura, Fiery Spirit" and the other of Wedding Yuna.



Dragon Blossom now has sister sites~! Their buttons are at the bottom of the main page. Please visit Cozypaper and Aristeia if you haven't already! (I bet you have, since Lore and Keiiii are goddesses of art and deservingly popular. X3 Lore/Keiiii: I love youuuuuuuuuuuu~~~!!! XD)

There are also four new arts up in the illustrations section!


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