Using Art

No reproduction, alteration, or use of any images on this page is allowed without my expressed consent. If you would like to display an image on another website, please email me for permission. I'm generally very agreeable in letting others display my art as long as the conditions below are met.

Any display or use of an image will require appropriate credit given and a link back to this webpage. Many webmasters like to use an email link, but that's optional. The image must remain unaltered, save for resizing or cropping. Here's a recap for those who are still confused -

1. Email me for permission. Please state specifically which picture(s) you would like to use and where they will be displayed.

2. Put up the requested picture with credit and a link to this page.

3. Anything else you would like to do is optional.

4. The image must remain unaltered, but you may resize it or crop it if you wish.


 site map Please read through art usage rules before taking any images!